One comment on “Hobby Malaise – When painting ain’t fun anymore

  1. Big agreement on a number of these although I do think you cand try and ‘force’ yourself to carry on painting – to push on through the malaise. I’d advocate choosing to do those jobs you would normally find onerous anyway – undercoats, basecoats, washes etc. Those jobs are always dull and unrewarding anyway, so if you’re feeling that way already you may as well use it. That way when the mojo returns you’ve already got some prepped models raring to go and your renewed passion will pay dividends with quicker results.

    One other thing I found recently that also shifted my perspective is doing a models base first. It may not be possible depending on how you oaint but putting the sand on the base and painting them all in one go, instead of that being the ‘loathed’ job you have to do at the end it’s already out of the way and every bit of paint added is a step to completion instead of painting and then you have to do the bae to complete. It’s a subtle mental trick but I think with alll of the things folk suggest you have to keep switching things up, like the Borg did with their force fields, to try and overcome the malaise.

    Good post.

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