4 comments on “List Building and the Double-Edged Sword

  1. Thunderfire cannon.

    Tactical squad with ML/PC and flamer. Rhino with extra storm bolter. You’ve got 11 points left now, the OCD tremers kick in and… give the Sergeant a combi-melta and forget about the last point. Call it a tribute to the warp in exchange for good die rolls.

    Not much in the codex is an uneven value, most of it is a multiple of 5 but the bike units are the exception, they’d be a good place to start if you want to hammer out an even 2k.

    • That’s a nice shout! And I can live with being 1 point off *starts involuntarily clenching and unclenching fists while sweating* Yep. Can totally live with that. 😉

  2. For 310 points you can take a group of 6 assault terminators and a sarge. Equip the 6 terminators with thunder hammers and storm shields. Leave the sarge with lightning claws to give him a better chance in challenges. I think terminators are a lot of fun to paint and field. Again, sorry about the 1 point left over. Give a scout a sniper rifle or something 😛

    • Nice choice. TH/SS Termies are still pretty scary to a lot of people and this could offer me a nice big unit to mess people up with.

      Man, that one point really does not want to be spent! 🙂

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