9 comments on “Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender Review – Part 1

  1. Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing even more about Necromunda tomorrow! I’m not sure that I like the direction totally, but I can always use what I like and ignore the rest.

  2. Loving what they are doing with necromunda always needed to be bigger, and spacehulk mode sounds good hope it plays like a cross between starsaga and spacehulk, although the water guild is pure tankgirl…
    I wonder if we will have the prometheum guild instead of redemptionists, they seem to have a similar look to them, and they always felt like an extension of cawdor…

    • Redemptionists will be coming out, and will be the super crazy cultist pyromaniacs that they always were, and still tied to Cawdor. The Promethium Guild control all of the fuel consumption and distribution in the hive. I dare say they cross paths with the Redemptionists, but they are very separate.

      • awesome more pyromania 😀
        ash wastes makes me wonder if i can repurpose some of my gorkamorka things, like the tanker i built out of an ork truk, some tamiya tank kits and a pringles tube 😀

      • This did crop up a bit. FW are keen to keep the Necromunda setting relatively free of vehicles but once we’re out in the ash wastes, bikes and other things may well come into the mix – it’s a bit of a ‘wait and see’ on that one. Don’t expect tanks, but bikes/tracks are a maybe. Things to look forward to! 🙂

  3. Didn’t see it mentioned (sorry if you did), is the Necromunda stuff coming from Forge World or GW? Or a mix of both? I don’t know if it really matters to anyone else in the grand scheme of things I just wondered.

    • So all Necromunda work is coming out of the Specialist Games team who sit within the Forge World side of things. That being said, they of course get to work with plastics, so the main gangs will continue to come out in boxed kits that will be stocked at GW/Warhammer stores. All of the bounty hunters, pets, scum, weapons sets will be in Forge World resin and that is likely to be available just from the FW website and the Warhammer World Forge World store. I hope that helps!

    • AFAIK Necoromunda is under the umbrella of Specialist Games which is part of FW, but distributed by GW. What that means in the scheme of things i have no idea, but it seems like a way for FW to do styrene as well as resin, with the proven HH/40k resin upgrade sprues sale model for embellishments. That and the specialist games all tend to offer a path for gaming in the cracks much like how FW have done the HH, i.e. with necromunda they can look at other locations because they can target a premium hardcore of players with expansions without alienating anyone who just picks the starter box up, exactly how HH complements 40k rather than competes with it, will be interesting to see what they do for blood bowl and especially adeptus titanicus when it finally sees the light of day

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