5 comments on “And Now For Something Completely New – The Latest 40K Releases

  1. Very much liking the new stuff, and whilst I was originally very dubious about the inclusion of rules for Custodes outside of the Horus Heresy, now that they’re being fleshed out a bit more I’m getting used to it. My only concern really is how much bling they bring, but then there’s no reason you HAVE to paint them gold, except you know, fluff!

    Look forward to seeing what you’d do with Trajan Valoris though, that would be a real fun model to work on!

    • I know what you mean, but I think the fluff has been sensibly updated to include them in the wider 40k galaxy, and they do make for an interesting force.

  2. One of my consistent sources of amusement over the past half-year or so has been all the commentary on the Nurgle Models and people’s paint jobs on them. Just full of things like “Wow, that’s gorgeous…well, for Nurglish values of ‘gorgeous’ at least.” 😉

    I actually kind of like the new Beasts, so I’m getting four of them, to go along with my three Plague Toads and give me a proper 7.

    From what I hear, the next three Dexes are likely to be Tau, Crons, and Space Wolves, so the poor Ork players will probably have to keep waiting for a while. Shouldn’t be too much longer, tho. After those three, I think it’s just Orks, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, and DeathWatch left, at least of the Factions that had proper Codexes before.

    • Each to their own when it comes to minis, of course. But now that I’ve said it, you’ll be thinking of horse penises every time you look at their heads. 😉

      Poor old Ork players. I hope they get a killer codex too. The Orks deserve to be terrifying again, and in fairness their index rules do have some tasty rules.

  3. Well as a Blood Bowl player, I’m kind of hoping this means a Nurgle team is in the wings. Partially just to get that team out of the way, as I’m not keen on playing them in tabletop. However….if they made a multipart team box with Chaos *and* Nurgle….I’d be drooling all over that!

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