11 comments on “In Praise Of Dreadnoughts – A Lovingly Written Ramble

  1. Ah the dreadnought. Possibly the greatest thing in the Games Workshop lineup, regardless of which version you prefer.

    When I first got in the venerable boxy dreads were some of the damn coolest things out there. And then FW started making custom Chaos and Chapter ones! Heaven. I think my first of those was the Relic one…

    But then the contemptor came out. No model has ever grabbed me like a contemptor dreadnought (the resin ones obviously, the plastic GW one is awful). I have built 5 of them now and any army I do will have them. They are the some of the most customizable models in the GW range in terms of pose and load outs. And all the various legion ones are just fantastic! I will never get tired of these, in fact I’m excited for my next ones!

  2. I still cherish my Dreadnought from the Battle Box, to this day it is my favourite test piece to try new techniques. Great stuff!

  3. Do the Minotaurs forgeworld one, it’s awesome and I think your skills would do it justice!

  4. I love Dreads, too. At this point, across all my Armies, I’ve lost track of how many I have, but I think it’s approaching 40. Substantially more if you lump in things like Fexen and Mauler/Forge Fiends. I also have a major soft spot for the boxy Castaferrum pattern that was the only available option when I got my start in 40K, and I think those ones might still be my faves, despite the awesomeness of things like Contemptors, Leviathans, and Deredeos.

    Have you seen the blog Poxy Proxy Predator? Despite the name, Dreads are really his main interest, too, and he’s on a quest to get at least one of every Imperial and Chaos Space Marine Dread ever made. He might have succeeded at this point, but I don’t recall for sure. One of the few people I know of who have more Dreads than I do.

  5. Best article of 2018 (so far ;)) I love dreads, and have been known to take mephiston and 10 dreads as an army, which is why I’m gutted dante survived, figured make him a character dread and I’ve got all the excuses I need to buy more, plus after 20+ years I would have a sculpt I would like by default, and be able to see past mike mcveys “pioneering” shades of dysentery NMM gold paint job….

    As for the dread to scratch your itch, how about a leviathan with a pair of redemptors as honour guard :D, cus like Pringles one isn’t enough!

    • Oh or a dreadeo (given up fighting my phones autocorrects) instead of the leviathan as u will be @whw soon can save a chunk on p&p, which reminds me to hurry up and use my free p+p code…

      • The Deredeo is tempting. And you can never have too many dread variants. But a gold armoured boxy BA dead sounds awesome! Do it!

  6. An excellent writeup, and I really couldn’t agree any more: There’s something about Dreadnoughts that just makes them an especial pleasure to put together and paint — maybe it’s that perfect scale allowing for so much more attention to detail while also making everything a fair bit less finicky? There’s also the fact that the size of the model and the bigger base are an excellent excuse for treating the whole thing as a terrain piece as much as a playing piece, as well 🙂

    During my first couple of years in the hobby, I never really had the courage to tackle a Dreadnought — the scale of the endeavour just seemed to daunting. Plus those lumps of metal were also prohibitively expensive. It was only after getting back into the hobby in 2010 that I actually built and painted my first ever “proper” Dreadnought (the guy from Space Crusade, though awesome, doesn’t count): a converted World Eaters Dread based on the then-new plastic Furioso. I haven’t looked back since, but have rather built and painted seven Dreadnoughts (five for my 40k World Eaters, two Contemptors for 30k), with the next two or three guys (one Death Guard Dread based on the Dark Vengeance Helbrute, one scrap robot based on a Kataphron and a Forgeworld World Eaters Dread) already in various states of assembly.

    Three things I’d like to point out: One, you basically forgot to mention the Kataphron. Granted, it’s not a Dreadnought, but it does seem to fill the same niche, plus it’s a rather interesting take on the concept. Two, I’ve always loved the more “human” designs that began with the Forgeworld Dreadnoughts (or, arguably, even sooner with the CSM Metal Dread), giving the Dreadnoughts an articulated head. At the sime time, however, this design arguably loses some of the “walking coffin/shrine idea that’s at the very heart of the Dreadnought concept). Three, and à propos of nothing, I’d just like to state that the – pidegon-toed and painfully vanilla – plastic Contemptor is just the perfect conversion fodder: Turning that pitiful model into a proper Dreadnought has been so much fun that I’ve already done it twice — yeah, I know, something’s got to be wrong with me 😉

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