7 comments on “5 Things That I Want To See In 40k This Year

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head really – replace the really old sculpts. In particular for my own desire, I’d like to see a nice new autarch skyrunner and new shining spears, though they’re hardly the most ancient models in the line (I just don’t want to have to convert them).

    All Hail Saim Hann!

    • I know what you mean about the Shining Spears – imagine how good those lances would look if they were sculpted today!

    • As they didnt do the decent thing and put dante in a dreadnaught with a jump pack( i hate that sculpt so much, is the only BA mini i have never bought!) id say yeah new BA character sculpts, mephiston is laughable by todays standards

      • Poor old Meph and Dante. I loved the Mephiston mini when it came out, but that was a very long time ago now. Could definitely do with a bit of a redo.

      • I find it funny that the librarian in space hulk is mephiston before he got trapped under a building and either brute forced himself through the black rage/made deal with tzeench, and that the younger mephiston has the better sculpt these days, back in ’97 mephiston was 100% badass of a sculpt

  2. I think the biggest thing I’d like to see that isn’t mentioned above* is a few accessory sprues to add back in a bunch of the options that got removed just because they don’t come in that kit. Power Weapons other than Swords for various Units, maybe some additional Special/Heavy Weapons, some of the options that got dropped for Vehicles like Dreads and Speeders, stuff like that.

    Also, yeah, updating some of the really old Models. Not just the metal Special Characters, but also stuff like the Ork Wartrakk and DeffKopta. Those weren’t particularly mind-blowing when they came out 15-20 years ago, and they really haven’t aged well since.

    *Of the things that are mentioned above, more Slaanesh is top of my list.

  3. The Thousand Sons and Nurgle get codexes, a Khorne update can’t be far away (given they got one in 7th); time for a bit of Slaaneshy loving

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