4 comments on “The Original Noise Marine

  1. I was only half joking when I said I wanted more old school paint jobs 😉

    Cracking stuff, seriously that’s a display piece and a half, if I ever find the lost box of treasure in my parents loft (1800pts @2nd edition costs of legion of damned, loads of rare these days epic and gorkamorka in blisters I bought from a shutting down sale, and a 2nd ed/rt slanessh army which had a 10man noise marine squad with all the sculpt variants in it) you can have the noise marines…

  2. This (along with the Carnifex of similar vintage) was the Model that got me interested in 40K, too. Regrettably, I got into it just after the late 2nd Ed replacements came out, so didn’t have any of my own for ages. Finally managed to get my hands on a pair of them last year, but I still haven’t got around to painting them up. I think this might have given me the kick to get started on them, tho. Thanks a ton for sharing, it really does look fantastic.

    Now, after this Queen album finishes, I think I’m going to have to put on some Twisted Sister and Scorpions \m/

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