6 comments on “Bobby G In The House! – The Primarchs I Want To Return To 40k

  1. I’d say Angron is a no-brainer indeed, lore-, fan- and business-wise. I think Lion’el will have a return as well, as a plot-thickener with Luther standing next to Roboute and all…

    Me saying this as a Night Lords player: I hope the won’t do a canon-breach to bring Konrad back, or any of the other dead Primarchs.

  2. For me lion coming back is a no brainer, as is dorn, for reasons I have bored the net with before (he reforges the lions sword, which with another mcguffin starts regenerating the emperor and sounds a clarion call to the remainder of his surviving sons to head to terra…)

    But the dead must stay dead no timey wimey shadow version stuck in the warp please! Although that could make a cool twist for the Ba’s red thirst and black rage being a spiritual golden throne for sangy stuck in the warp, nah keep him dead and them tragic!

  3. I completely forgot Corax could choose when to appear seen! Oh, I am SO hoping he’ll return.

    Still worried about ‘Baddon pulling an anime and resurrecting Horus. If that happens, I’m going to boycott GW by turning him into an obliterator or something low-class. As for Alpharius, I’m still wonderfully confused after reading Legion, I don’t know if he was ever killed in the first place. And don’t the sons of the VIIth actually HAVE Dorn’s corpse in the Phalanx?

    One thing I’d really like to see… what if the Emperor were to return, but still in his advanced state of decay? He is the carrion lord of the Imperium, after all. No, that won’t happen. While I and a few particularly Blanchitsu fans would appreciate THAT, I don’t suppose GW’s sculptors could bring themselves to make such a thing… We should somehow force them all to play Dark Souls for a month beforehand 😛

    • Haha. Love the idea of giant skeleton in gold armour taking to the battlefield – would certainly be an eye opener. As for Dorn, his hand is in stasis on the Phalanx. They never found the rest of him…

  4. Great article – It’s utterly bizarre to find ourselves even in this situation! I am curious as to how GW old hands – the guys that were there dreaming much of this stuff up in the beginning – feel about this direction.

    No two personal visions of 40k are ever the same… For example, I was rather disheartened to see the Custodes enter the 40k fray. If they did, I thought that they should be utterly baroque, ancient and changed, their gene-seed twisted over 10,000 years, hunched and lethal, still dwelling on their failure to protect their master. But hey – Clearly, not all things in the Imperium have gone to ruin or are a shadow of their former selves. Much, much more has been preserved.

    But Primarchs?! I can understand traitor Primarchs, those actually ascended to daemonhood and mentioned in the fluff, but Loyalist Primarchs?!

    I still have the Second Edition Codex Imperialis, in which the sense of a decaying, deeply superstitious and corrupt Imperium was real. I believed that the inference was clear – The loyalist Primarchs were long dead and humanity was utterly doomed from the moment Horus fell… they only lived on in the hearts of the faithful. My Second Edition Ultramarines Codex (a real favourite) has the entry about Roboute in stasis. Again, I felt that this was nod to the Catholic dogma of the dark ages and the lies spun by priests to their credulous, illiterate flock (just relics and the like – I’m not on my soapbox here!). He was dead, a cadaver held in stasis for all to look upon.

    I always thought that the 10,000 long drag that brings us to the edge of the abyss was the real lure of 40k. All of the myths and legends about returning Primarchs were just that, a means of humanity struggling on in a hostile universe in which it was ultimately doomed.

    The landscape has changed, clearly and… I…don’t actually have that much of a problem with it!

    This opens up all kinds of possibilities. I wonder if Guilliman will approve of what he sees? Will he seek to tear down corrupt Imperial institutions? Will his priority be the Emperor on Terra, or Ultramar?

    As for the model, I agree that it is a beautiful sculpt. The dynamic pose is preferable to his static 30k self. In fact, a MKIII head swap would be ideal and plant him back in 30k…

    Oh, and I’d like to see Lorgar…! Surely finding out that his hated brother is still alive and kicking is enough to bring him out of the Eye?!

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