One comment on “The End Times Are Upon Us – Spoilers A plenty From The Fall of Cadia

  1. Exciting stuff, my moneys still on a unified eldar (possibly with a name change for IP purposes), im hoping book 2 keeps this up. I hope the harlies plan comes together at this point, what i can see happening is a small civil war with the cult of Ynnead ascendant, could see some eldar vs nurgle action with the dark and craft uniting to stop the garden encroaching into the webway. As for the Yncarne being slaneshi, i think its the other way around, as surely slanesh is part Yncarne, sure it was in inferno years ago that the eldar gods got involved in the debauchery and that was the tipping point for the fall….

    Cadia falling makes me excited for a diverse guard army again, not just star ship trooper clones, sod plastic SoB’s i want plastic roughriders and ice warriors (although i doubt they will have the charm that the perry’s sculpts did)

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