9 comments on “How I Weathered My Rhino

  1. Very nice, i have a cheat for your cheat 😉

    On the first step of chipping the markings ontop of the base coat, rather than painting chips on make real scuffs!

    Couldnt be easier, just add a drop of airbrush thinner to a qtip, and gently rub in areas until you have worn through the paint but stop before you go through the base coat.

    Even if you dont airbrush having a pot of airbrush thinner (vallejo sell it in 17ml dropper bottles) is super useful for weathering. Its how i have done most of the discoloration on this battered droppod, especially on the chapter logo..

  2. Nice tutorial, and while there are other ways and tutorials on weathering, yours works really well for you and it’s great to see your process. I particularly like how you _dont_ add exposed metal areas, gives it a more robust look in a way

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