8 comments on “Here Comes 2017 – Another Busy Year On H&H

  1. Very excited for 2017 and what will happen to 40k, 30th aniversary, fall of cadia, plastic sister’s and quite possibly the start of the end times for 40k, i wont post it here as its quite the wall of text but this is my take on what could be happening to 40k and the fluff (yup primarchs are back, whether as playable characters or just actors in the fluff remains to be seen)

    • Thanks for saying so. It’s based on Bruegel’s The Triumph of Death. There is a close up floating around but not sure where. I’d love to do more work on it, but that half a shin room an entire weekend. It’s an enormous project, and I have many other distractions. One day…

  2. There’s a few you missed out! Corax disappeared into the eye, Jaghatai Khan got lost in the webway chasing Dark Eldar, and depending on who you talk to Dorn was never found (except one fist), or is encased in Amber on the Phalanx having had his fists removed to allow future chapter masters to scrimshaw their names onto the bones.

  3. G’day again,
    Its been a long time since my last comment but I still read your blog regularly and enjoy it! I am trying to find a way to motivate myself to paint and play more, and develop some more of my own fluff this year (last year I worked a lot and only finished one rhino and a devastator squad), and I’m wondering if a blog would help me to get motivated. So I’m wondering: how has the experience been for you? How much time does it take? How do you fit it in around painting and playing? Does it motivate you? And do you get anything out of it beyond an outlet for your thoughts? Also, on an unrelated note, can you share a photo of your completed BA 30k army to date? Where do intend to take it and what tactics do you find work for it?
    ….And that’s my 20 questions for you!

    • Hi Ajax,

      Productivity, unless you’re a naturally rapid painter, or it’s your actual job, is rarely what any of us would like it to be. Happens to the best of us. Having a blog can help, but it can also be a little bit of a pressure (not from readers, but from your own standards). I try and post something once a week, and there are weeks when that just doesn’t happen, and that can be frustrating. But work, life, and being generally quite busy gets in the way. Having said that, the motivation to get something posted each week does help. Be it a finished mini, a wip, a tutorial, a comment piece, or just something silly and fun, it’s a really nice way to get yourself thinking about the hobby. Give blogging a try – you can always get a free wordpress or blogspot blog.

      I get a lot from this blog. It is a great outlet for me creatively speaking, and I’m lucky enough that I have a lot of friendly and engaged readers who are constructive, complimentary and fun, which is great. It’s a great record of my progress, and it makes me feel more deeply connected to the hobby in a weird way.

      In terms of my completed BA army so far, I do have an image without the recent rhino additions which you can see here: https://heresyandheroes.com/2016/12/21/blood-angels-land-speeder-the-hammer/ (it’s at the bottom of the post). At the moment, I’m not worrying too much about deeper tactics – I’m just getting the core of the army done. But when I start to make it a bit more fluffy, expect a lot of jump packs, drop pods and fast vehicles covered with meltas and flamers. The Blood Angels have to be the best ‘Shock and Awe’ army in the Heresy for me. Hit everything hard, fast, and set fire to it all as well.

      I hope that answers your Qs!

      • Thanks very much for the reply. I’ll keep considering the blog option and let you know if I go through with it. And I look forward to seeing more Blood Angles in the future!

      • PS, yes the reply was helpful! Can’t believe I forgot to mention that above!

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