3 comments on “Specialist Games Are Coming Back – The Pitfalls And Potential Discussed

  1. Good article. So far there’s been an outpouring of enthusiasm regarding the return of the ‘specialist games’ (they really need a better name than that – its one step away from ‘adult entertainment’ as far as euphemistic titles go). However I do wonder how much that’s clouded by nostalgia (a lot I’d say). I remember going to a friend’s house when I must have been about 11 (so roughly two decades ago) and seeing his collection of models for some mysterious thing he called Warhammer. I thought they were the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. My little eyes must have been like plates. Whole armies of beautiful, realistic warriors, fantastically painted, utterly captivating to my pre-pubescent brain. As an adult I’m well aware that the models were actually lumpen and – by modern standards – fairly rubbish, and his painting skills were distinctly lacking. Still, it’s to those wide-eyed children that GW is appealing to with this – not the current generation (with their Xboxes – bless ‘em) but the same ones they sold to last time round who are now older and have disposable incomes. Which is fine and well but is there enough nostalgia to make these games sell? Can they turn them into the gateway drug of the new generation in the way they were for our generation? As yet no-one knows but I suspect that a lot will hinge on the quality of the models. Surely (surely?) they will go down the road of Space Hulk and produce high-quality models rather than rehashing the old. I’d like to think that’s a given because otherwise I suspect the lifespan of this project will be rather short.

    As an aside the one thing that does seem to be confirmed is the survival of LotR/Hobbit through this new offshoot. Who would have thought a year or so ago that Warhammer would die and LotR survive? Now there’s a specialist game they could resurrect…

  2. I doubt GW would simply re-release old models, with the exception of a few ‘classic’ sculpts being re-released online it isn’t their style. GW are a model company, not a games company and pride themselves on the quality of their sculpts. If any of the Specialist Games do return it will be with new models.

    I have written about this same subject over on Miniature Miscellany. I think people need to approach this news with caution. All GW have said is that a new studio is committed to releasing “new boxed games and stand-alone sets” rather than a fully relaunched product range with continued support. It also says that “Blood Bowl, Epic, Necromunda and Battlefleet Gothic are just some of the great games the team are already eyeing up”. This is far from a definitive statement that the games will return.

    I think we are likely to see more games like Dreadfleet and Execution Force rather than entirely relaunched product ranges as this seems to be the route GW have been going down in the last four or five years. I am cautiously optimistic though.

  3. When i first heard the news i thought it was bollocks, with the confirmation from GW and the consensus that it would be 18-24 months before we see anything from the spuds (as i call the Specialist Product Design Studio) im avoiding getting into wish listing. The thing which bothers me is that the current GW isn’t the company I grew up with. Little things like the loss of the humor and satire from grimdark, its almost like new bond vs old bond, whilst the recent bond films have been better films than old bond in my opinion, they haven’t been bond films and the added grittiness doesn’t enhance.

    The same is true with how i fear a revamped necromunda would pan out, that above any other classic GW game was andy chambers’ baby, and his fluff writing made it a vibrant and believable setting for skirmish battles, with so much potential for making your own missions and campaigns like the bug hunt missions i used to play with mates. I fear the spuds will just turn the IP into a fairly narrow scoped board game which only shares a name and not much else with necromunda.

    The fact that the spuds are attached to Forge World also fills me with some pessimism when it comes to updated mini’s for the games, as that to me means dusting off the lead moulds and just pouring resin, with pricing comparable to ebay’s and the quality of failcast. Never mind how much a terrain set comparable to the one in the box that came with necromunda would cost! If for arguments sake necromunda became a board game like execution force then whats the point without multi level gaming it offers nothing but a name, and even if it was just a relaunch of the old box i don’t think it would stack up well against a modern skirmish game, malifaux and infinity are just fresher mechanics and id argue surpass the game play opportunities that necromunda ever offered…

    Hopefully i am entirely wrong, and would love some new epic to add to my collection, but most of all i hope that something off the wall comes out like gorkamorka, or a super enhanced warhammer quest, say what you like about AoS as soon as i heard realmgates i thought that would kick ass in quest, start off in metal world, end up in fireworld, all of a sudden the dynamic of your questers changes for what started off as a band suited for one type of dungeon would have to quickly reconfigure to cope with a change like that…

    Ho Hum, at the very least i guess it will allow me to rebuy the mini’s i lost to the 3b’s (Beer, Birds, Bills) and be able to paint them better than i ever could in my youth 😀

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