4 comments on “How I’d Fix CSM – What I’d Like To See In A New Codex

  1. For Noise Marines, what I kind of want to see is actually a change in the Base Rules. Make Salvo Weapons actually work like bigger Rapid Fire Weapons, so their Sonic Blasters get 3 shots out to 12″ and 2 out to 24″, regardless of whether or not they moved.

    That would also take a solid bite out of Grav.

    Berzerkers: Give ’em back their 2+ Chaos Armour from 2nd Ed, and the extra Attack on their Profile. Also, let them take a couple of Power Axes and/or Fists at Vanguard Vet costs instead of just the overpriced Plasma Pistols.

    1K Sons: Ditch the Invul, give ’em 2 Wounds again. Maybe also have them generate an extra Warp Charge if the Unit is at 9 or above.

    Regular CSM: Some kind of Morale help. Not all the way at ATSKNF level, but maybe something like: Fight Again Another Day – A Unit with this Rule adds an extra d3 to its Initiative when trying to escape a Sweeping Advance, and does not suffer the penalties to Shooting and Charging in the Turn it Rallies. Stubborn might be good, too. Maybe give Chosen Stealth to represent their extra centuries of experience in not getting killed 😉

    Daemon Engines: WS and BS at least 4. Probably one more Attack for the MaulerFiend, maybe take the Hades Autocannon up to Heavy 6 for the ForgeFiend. Give the Defiler some cheaper Weapon options like the Soul Grinder has, instead of always having to take the Battle Cannon and all the other Weapons that you can never use effectively because the Battle Cannon makes you Snap Fire them.

    I’d like to see two Land Raider variants: a cheaper one that’s basically just an Assault Transport, with a larger capacity, and a serious gunboat variant, with something like TL Hades Autocannon in each Sponson and a BaleFlamer in the cupola or something. Also some sort of psuedo PotMS Rule to let them be effective on the move, but with some sort of twist to make it more of a Daemonic Possession sort of thing.

    OK, this got sort of ridiculous, I’ll stop now.

  2. Most people will have thoughts on this topic. I think the idea of Legion Traits or a similar mechanism gets right to the heart of things. A modest tweak that allows the different legion themes to translate to the table will be a great boon for chaos.

  3. “Chaos needs its Tutti Frutti. ” There’s a quote for the ages!

    Some great ideas there. With Chaos marines there’s a balance to be struck between bringing in their heritage as former loyalists and making it very clear that this is now an entirely different beast. If the rules don’t push the boat out a little there’s a risk of them becoming just another style of Space Marine. Thus I’d be inclined to avoid things like giving them knights (even though I love chaos knights and I’m making one of my own) or grav weaponry (even though there’s no denying they’d steal them the moment they got out of the warp). On the later point volkite weaponry sounds more in keeping, or some kind of warp-powered heretek gadgetry.

    Having said that ‘chaosifying’ land raiders and other vehicles sounds like a great move. Perhaps some kind of upgrade sprue could be released with new weapons for each of the gods (sonic canon, chain-flail hurler, pus gun, etc).

    Another thing that could increase the unique feel of a Chaos codex would be greater emphasis on the cultists (and a perfect excuse to give them a boxset as well!) I’m not suggesting going as far as the traitor guard ‘codex’ produced by Forge World in IE13 but something to expand on the cultists by adding in a specialist or elite version would be nice. That way people could create cultist heavy armies that are a little less one-dimensional.

    I liked your suggestions regarding Bile, Lucius, Mutilators and Noise Marines (the latter two again crying out of new models – a Mutilator/Obliterator boxset with models that actually looked good would be a godsend). On and, like pretty much everyone, I reckon Legion Tactics sounds like a no-brainer.
    Continuing to sound like a stuck record but some more love for Tzeentch and Slaanesh in the model’s department wouldn’t go amiss either. Not that the official plague marines and berserkers aren’t showing their age as well but at least they can be effectively kitbashed with bits from the – now extensive – range of Fantasy counterparts. Come on Games Workshop, let me add the other gods to my armies in style!

    Keep in mind that I don’t really play the game so I bow to the tactical expertise of those who do! And of course everything I’ve said is simply wishlisting 🙂

  4. What about some love for the poor Warp Talons? Assaulting from Deep Strike would be great, but letting them use an enemy unit as a Deep Strike beacon (like their whole “excellent hunter” fluff indicates) would also be a good start – it’d at least make their blinding attack useful!

    Give every unit with the Daemon special rule Fearless. Daemons who can suffer from Fear when they look at their own squadmates or be terrified by petty mortal concerns is ridiculous!

    Warpsmiths having +1W and Sorcerers/Daemon Princes no longer having to generate a power from their god’s discipline would be good. Remember that they often fall for power – so why would they lose useful powers? I would either make the god-specific tables good, or just give them a free power from that table!
    Oh yes. Daemon Princes. Give them EW! They don’t even have an internal biology – they are the warp made manifest! They’re already pretty overcosted and don’t see the table much… This would help with making them as attractive as Lords or Sorcerers on bikes.

    Give Thousand Sons sorcerers the ability to reroll 1s when using Warp Charges. And make the unit itself cheaper – they are already pretty underwhelming as is!

    Give Plague Marine plague knives Poison (3+). These poor guys were his hard by the nerf to poison: losing their rerolls against T4 is a huge blow! And their I3 already didn’t help… This would make them somewhat more worth their points cost and give them a slight increase to their completely underwhelming hitting power.

    I would give Bile a Narthecium (or similar effect – FnP (5+) for his squad sounds good) and Rending with the needler and his “Torment” melee weapon. Maybe also increase his points by +5 or something? But really, I think that then he’d be prefect in his role as a good support character who can hold his own in close combat.

    I would give Lucius an ability similar to that of that GK guy who can come back on a 6+ each turn, but he’d return as the one who killed him (and I’d authorise a LD check to avoid that). But if he is killed by the enemy warlord in a challenge, you get Slay the Warlord automatically (as he has effectively signed his own death warrant). Remember that in the fluff, his resurrection apparently takes several days…

    New Land Raiders would certainly be great, but I believe they’re just letting FW take care of that.
    I love the idea of Legion tactics (and each one getting special detachments like the White Scars just got would be fantastic!), and I completely agree with everything you said after Grav. Those are all great ideas! Thanks for the article!

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