2 comments on “Titan Update 1 – In The Beginning

  1. Good point on the real cost of these big projects. I dare not spend so much yet until I feel I could do it justice, but I get a lot of enjoyment observing bloggers such as yourself undertake such a big task. A big outlay but the end result will be worth it. I go on ebay to try and keep costs down but it doesn’t really seem that much cheaper unless you drop lucky. I sorted through my paints today and realized I need to spend about 50 quid on those alone (and all my paintbrushes are about knackered, too). Not a cheap hobby, ours.

  2. You should feel lucky you don’t live in Australia! Hey did I just say that? Australia is an awesome place to live. Just not for expensive FW purchases. Why? Well… Orders over 250GBP get free shipping. Awesome you say (me too), except it turns out that if your receive something worth over 1000AUD (which this was at the time) customs will inspect it and charge duty where duty is payable. We argued a lot about the description but in the end I had to pay 10% more.

    Thing is, if they had used the postal service they would not have checked because the limit is higher. I asked FW to use post the next time I had a big order and they refused.

    Apart from that grumble FW CS is as you say – second to none.

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