2 comments on “Top 10… shamefully unfinished Warhammer projects on my desk

  1. The hobby butterfly is a very real thing! I’ve been *trying* to revisit my half-finished projects. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun, sometimes it’s even more demoralizing.

  2. I know how you feel. The very real hobby butterfly has corrupted my progress as well. May I offer some advice?

    The Noise Marine could be turned into a passion project by filling out a the unit as a actual stage band. I say passion project because the limit to completion depends on the construction. This is your slow burn, I work on this because it soothes me project. Besides, replace that helmet with a pedal and add a drummer and two other instrument toting marines along with a lead singer, this would make a nice open category for Golden Demon.

    I would do both your sisters in the metallic green armor you have in mind. Then practice marble on that statue top with the Imagifier. That’s just personal preference though. I do better in groups than several individual models.

    The Epic army could be revitalized as “Travel 40k” if you had enough pieces for a rival army as well. We’ve seen several travel versions of our favorite board games. Make a small magnetic board and put vinyl magnets under the pieces and you have yourself a travel game.

    The chibi space marine could be a friendly contest you host yourself as a pallet cleanser. The challenge would draw your site a few visitors and grow your community! Friendly challenges like this take off quickly and draw a lot of attention. Look what happened with the paint pot challenge. That began with just a guy believing it would be funny.

    The Titan should remain a slow burn as well. Divide up all the plates you have left. Figure out how long it would take to do each one and set a goal over the next year. I say year due to the immense quality of the painting already completed. You’ll want the quality to match. It has been my experience that sorting those bug models over a long period pays off better than forcing it. This model has the potential to be something really great!

    Anyhow, those are just my thoughts. Take them or leave them, this is just what I would do in your shoes. Good luck my friend!

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