5 comments on “Lazy Painter’s Army List: Thousand Sons

  1. This list looks amazing, and this is coming from a five year Thousand Sons veteran. But there a few things you could add. The 3 up inv. once per game is cool and all, but make one of your daemon princes the Warlord so that they can have a free Warlord trait that lasts the whole hand. Last thing is, you should have one of your squads of Rubrics with all warp flamers. This way, you put them in the web way strike for a Cp and pop up behind their lines and just flame them making them have to choose what to shoot at. But beside that, looks great!

  2. Unfortunately, unless you’re running multiple detachments, you can only run one Daemon Prince due to the Jealous Tyrant rule.

      • D’oh, you right! Having both of them put some serious forward pressure on, or locking down objective attack vectors is a solid play!

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