2 comments on “Painting Pressure

  1. Great to see you set some goals and understand why you’re in the hobby. With a hobby this wide it’s the breadth of the hobby that often draws me in. Everyone enjoys it in different ways and that’s great. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I agree with so much of what you’ve said, the only difference being my goal would be a Golden Demon participation badge, winning an award is beyond me and I’m fine with that. Painting can be such an introspective activity and balancing that pursuit of excellence is part of the challenge. I also know how overwhelming it can become and regardless of the aspirations even just tabletop ready can feel too much to cope with. Yet we keep coming back to it and it might not even be because ‘we enjoy it’ but we’re are compelled to do it, or like me, addicted even! Keep strong, keep painting if it makes you happy and keep being your own hobbyist.

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