5 comments on “The Adepticon Mega Reveal – Reasons To be Cheerful

  1. Yeah, that batch of announcements really did live up to the hype. The Knight Dominus isn’t actually that much bigger than a regular Knight, just a bit bulkier and with more guns. It’s shown next to the Armigers in the video, not next to a normal Quaestoris. That said, apparently one of the other videos hinted at still more Knight kits, so who knows.

  2. Plastic sisters had me very excited, along with the show exclusive mini, im wondering now if we will get flying knights, its an insane idea, but they have the right aerodynamics for 41st millennium flight 😉

    • Flying knights would be utterly terrifying. But I guess the Diddy Knights aren’t beyond having a couple of flyer engines strapped to their back. 30” move and a mega stomp would make them utter beasts. 🙂

      • Indeed, i think it would look sweet if they had a suitably ornithopter style wing come out of the carapace, but jet packs would be cool, tau would have some very nice gundam esque suits, and well the eldar probably already can they just dont feel like showing you… plus you know orks would have a suitably cobbled answer to that lol, at the very least i would want to put some springs on the legs of a couple of stacked deff can with an engine or two off a valkerie…..

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