3 comments on “Top 5 Things I’ve Learned About My Goliath Gang

  1. Nice takeaways! Do you feel like the Krumper will get a boost in the upcoming Gang War 2 book or in an errata? Or it will possibly end up ‘the gun no one takes’. It seems with any system (war-games, boardgames, computer games, etc.) there is always going to a faction, weapon, etc. that almost everyone avoids based on how ‘bad’ it is. Just curious.

    • I have GW2 and I didn’t see any updates for it, so maybe an errata will save it. I know what you mean about the weapon nobody takes, but like I said, I think in some games, it will come into its own. If my dice roles hadn’t been so bad, it would have done more in my last couple of games. But that short range is a real downer for it. If it went from 3″/9″ to 4″/12″, that would make it so much more viable. That being said, I still think it should be used as an ambush weapon – there it can excel.

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