8 comments on “Building The Underhive – How To Create Your Own Slice Of The Lower Levels

  1. Nice work John! I particularly like the map concept you’ve come up with.

    Our campaign is going down a more numerous route (once I get my Orlocks that is!) but we’re equally focused on the narrative side. In fact, the background narrative to my gang is going live on the blog tonight (https://gdbrotherhood.blogspot.co.uk/) so look out for more narative sections as we get more guys joining up.

    I really like the idea of territory name generators too, some very enthusiastic thumbs up for that idea from me here!

  2. I actually had a very similar idea! I wanted to a year-long campaign full of fluff and filler. Hope you don’t mind but I totally jacked your naming chart

    • Not at all! Use it as you will. If you stick it online, a link would be nice but totally happy for you to use it. 🙂

  3. Good stuff, love the idea of creating a world for the campaign.

    Found and followed you on Instagram as well.

  4. Really nice work! Does the map correspond to tiles? I’ve never played, but wondering if each sector is equal to X of map tiles or something?

    • It’s not meant to match the tiles – it’s more just a way of forging a narrative for your Games. This is more for Gang War than UnderhiveBut if you had tiles that made sense with some of the names, there’s no reason you couldn’t use it for that too!

      • Cool! Yea, I think I would be plotting out tiles or scenery for each area. But each little building could be its own set of tiles. Maybe different places have slightly different thematic look or different objects/loot. Like the Lightless Stores you mentioned, consisting mostly of derelict storage containers. I’ll have to learn up the rules, so I know more of what I’m talking about first though.

        Great paint job on your Goliath Ganger too. Looks loads better than the pics GW posted. I just knew I was going to dig these more once I saw other people painting them.

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