12 comments on “Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition: New War Band/Chapter Name Generators

  1. My initials are TGW. If I shuffled the letters about a bit I ended up with The Weeping Guard. And that’s an excellent name for a Death Guard Warband. If/when I get the boxed set I’ll be sure to remember this name.

    • Mind!? I love it. Awesome – good work man – I wish I could do that. A link back would be nice if you could spare one (happy to send one your way too)? And given the popularity of this post, I’m actually working on some more name generators at the moment, so if you want to collaborate, I’d be up for that. Cheers!

      • I’ve linked your site at the top of the page, definitely up for some more collaboration – they’ll be super easy for me to knock together now that I’ve done one. Are you on twitter?

      • Gah. I’ve not been on Twitter for some years now. I’m on Google+, but then not many other people are so I don’t know if that helps at all?

      • It’s just a handy way to talk, email works too though if you want to drop me a line at dan@unbo.lt then I’ll be happy to put together random name generators based on whatever you come up with!

  2. The Ascending Warriors feels particularly appropriate for a Primaris Chapter, given their recent addition to the Imperial forces.

    Not so much a fan of the Aching Wounds, so I think I’m going to go with my middle names for the Lost Lords, which at least sounds appropriately gloomy and gothic.

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