5 comments on “Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition – We Have A Release Date!

  1. I’m buzzing for this new starter set, every model is great! Are you going to be picking it up?
    I love how you’ve done the red with all the little details on that Ork.

    • Oh yes. Will be preordering as soon as I can. And thanks – it’s my Liverpool fc inspired orc team. More on them later.

  2. Looks like a great box set, hear pricing to be £90rrp so £80 at an independent stockist 😀
    Also been told that the primarines will have a full weapon sprue so i think could go flamer heavy instead although will they be the weapon they were without templates?
    The tame sales rep i know also said primarines will be strucured like HH squads

    Loving the death guard, will be fun to mix and match with blightkings, i agree on baby head, but thats what green stuff is for (modelling tiny dumies, not fixing it 😉 )

    Also worth pointing out that the rule book is hardback!

    And there is a strong possibility that 8th will be playable at uk games expo at the NEC 2-4th june

  3. The impression I got was that Gets Hot is no longer a thing, but I can’t recall exactly where I saw that. You may not be as disappointed by Plasma as you think!

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