2 comments on “Does 40k Have Too Many Armies? Let’s Discuss

  1. Im wondering if the increase of factions is to pave the way for an AoS style theme armies in 8th, i.e. order, destruction, etc. Where you just pick up and plonk down what is cool, with the way the fluff is going i would be amazed if space marines didnt play VERY differently in 8th, and would welcome a change of a single space marine codex with a separate chapter supplement for tactics, characters and unique units. It would also allow GW to just cull the old sculpts wholesale as they die in the 40k endtimes and replace them with new, my biggest fear is that in a 40k endtimes the BA’s are going to be on the very sharp end of a pointy stick, i.e. they just become a allyable death company…

    I do think that single faction armies will become a rare thing, just wish that guard would regain its diversity, as that would be the natural complement to stealer cults, in so much that having an indiginous population fighting them would make a lot of sense, with a detachment of marines or deathwatch

  2. Amusingly, I actually would have said that 40K had too many Armies a few years ago, but now, with the way that 6th and 7th have changed the way Armies work, I don’t feel anything like the same about it. Now that all these little mini-Factions can actually be used, and don’t have to be shoehorned into some other Dex like Inquisition and Assassins were, it makes sense to have them all be separate Factions, and splitting off things like Harlequins and Militarum Tempestus into their own Dexes lets us get some really cool development of those aspects.

    As for the argument that it’s delaying updates for Nids, CSM, GK, DE, whatever, well, I don’t really have much faith at this point that they’d come out better with a re-write anyhow. Given what Nids got in Shield of Baal, what CSM got in Traitor’s Hate, and what BA got in Angel’s Blade, it’s pretty clear that GW thinks the overall power level for those Armies is fine, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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