3 comments on “The Lion – I painted a *shudders* Dark Angel (and I liked it)

  1. Once you go green…you’ll never be mean? Anyway…great work on a fantastic model. Can wait to get my hands er brush on one! I love what you did here with the color choices. Bravo!

  2. Of course the reason I liked them was when they first gave them the options of bone terminators, black bikers and green tactical/devastator/assault squads. Having the option of painting different coloured marines rather than just being stuck with one colour was really appealing to me. Of course many main chapters also have that option now, including the Blood Angels which is cool. Or of course you could do your own colours but back then it was just DA that showed what could be.

    This was also well before the secrets, knights and Fallen background. The Deathwing Space Hulk expansion gave us a specific diversity that hadn’t been seen as much in the lore and I really liked it. I’m not actually sure if I dislike any Space Marine chapter, well, except Space Wolves, because y’know… wet dog…😝

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