3 comments on “Top 10 Unique Pieces of Wargear in 40k

  1. I like the story behind Commissar Yarrick’s power claw and some of the Dark Angels gear, particularly the Book of Salvation and the Sword of Secrets. My favourite, though, has to be the stasis grenade that Lukas the Trickster has in place of his second heart. I have long predicted that it will lead to the eventual demise of Lucius the Eternal 😉

  2. Always loved the harlequin’s kiss since i read the 2nd ed wargear book. I also badly want it to be real because i have a very clear mental image of it being for sale on QVC which would be hilarious as it would be sold as a smoothy maker/gardening tool…. Every picture ive seen of a space elf pointing it at something i imagine just out of shot is a large pile of fruit, or a the fearsome foe of knee height grass

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