3 comments on “BREAKING (maybe – is it?): Is this big news for 40k? Or just for the Tyranids?

  1. Not that it means anything either way but the four pictures are from the Tyranid Codex that describes a Tyranid invasion. Interestingly they never mention Mycetic Spores [now Tyrranocytes] in those descriptions, just ‘countless spores’. Whether it is as wyou say a sign of something bigger or whether it’s more small scale ‘the end of your planet when these arrive’, it’s difficult to tell.

  2. I guess we will all find out sooner or later. I kind of like how the history was pushed back for the heresy, 30K stuff, so peaking into the future is nice as it opens up more opens again. I figure it is kind of like WWII, we don’t all have to play the same slice of time, gamers are free to choose early, middle or late as they feel (or like most of us, mix and match a bit). One thing that is nice is a little extra goodie in an order.

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