3 comments on “Piecemeal Projects – An Experiment

  1. I see what you’re up to here and it may just work, although it will still take a bit of discipline or you will substitute a shrink-wrapped pile of potential for a WIP mountain.
    I approach my hobby in much the same way, with several projects on the go simultaneously working on the one I feel like. I suspect I’m not alone in this. And, it is a real pleasure to dsicover you have suddenly got enough for a small Bolt Action platoon; but at the other end I have had an undercoated dwarf army in a box for close to a decade (I haven’t bothered to buy the most recent codex as I didn’t get to use the two before that!). Good luck

  2. I’m roughly the same position as you, only I have about 14 Grey Hunters and Blood Claws to paint. I’ve built them, given them a black base coat, sprayed them Russ Grey and washed them. Now I’m painting them three at a time, that’s as many I feel I can manage and still keep quite a good pace. It doesn’t get *that* repetitive, and I can still see the overall progress.

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. Good to know that this approach can work for people. I’ve tried it before and struggled but I’m hoping that I can keep myself going and there’s still plenty of time for the big projects.

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