3 comments on “Homebrew Rules – Some basics and my idea for Dios Toros

  1. One great way to offset any advantage you grant your home-brew unit is to grant a (fluffy) bonus to your opponent. GW does this with Cypher and some others.

    For instance, in your case, it might grant all models of the Grey Knights faction _Zealot_ as they strive to banish this abomination back to the Warp.

    Or maybe Imperial Knights get _Hatred_ in return.

    • All good points! True, I hadn’t considered properly what boons to give the opposition. Giving hatred to Imperial Knights as a rule, while fluffy, might not be great. Maybe give them preferred enemy instead might even it up a little. Will work that in somewhere. Cheers!

  2. cool rules although the mechatenticals are redundent as as it can already do str10 AP2 attacks (base strength + smash rule)

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