3 comments on “I Am Returned!

  1. Welcome back…there’s still a posse of bloggers out here…and it seems *someone* reads them…but maybe it’s just us reading ourselves? Anyway…Great work there, will look forward to seeing more.


  2. Blogging appears to still be alive. I find it’s a toss up, some other mediums only allow a bit of text and are more image or video heavy. But if you really want to know the background of a piece with detailed info, blogging is where it’s at.

    Really nice freehand on your cat. That’s pretty amazing!

    Hope you can share more with us about your experiences working with the company. If I recall correctly, you were doing some writing for them? Were you painting as well?

    Good to have you back!

  3. Lovely models.
    As for blogs, it’s hard to keep up, but there’s more depth of content on the blogs than on twitter or instagram, with the huge (IMO) advantage of not having thousands of political and insane retweets to distract from the toy soldiers.

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