4 comments on “How To Paint Worn Leather – A Quick Tutorial

  1. Very nice! I noticed that there is an Agrax Earthshade gloss and a ‘regular’ version. Also true with the commonly used Nuln Oil. Can you tell me which you used and where you would commonly use one or the other? I’ve mainly been using Vallejo paints, but am now in the process of adding some GW paints to my kit.

    • So all here are the regular washes – not gloss. I’ll confess that I’ve not spent too much time with the gloss versions. I haven’t quite worked out what I’d use them for, to be honest. It just all depends if you want things to be shiny or not, and if you do, you can always use Ardcoat or another gloss finisher to do the job if needs be. So for me, I always use the non gloss washes. GW probably have more info on where you’d use the gloss types.

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