2 comments on “Whispers in the Warp – What Would a New CSM Update Look Like?

  1. While I would go crazy at the idea of another update for the CSM, I find it a little unlikely, since it would mean GW is really limiting its money maker potential to a limited basket, like in WHFB. It would make more sense to have other armies have their updates (Eldar or Tau sounds cool) in order not to alienate their player base.

    A nice wishlist though, I especially like the new Chaos God aligned CSM warband updates. Would be awesome.

  2. What am I looking for from a new Chaos Codex? More miniatures, more choices, more ideas. Add to that creativity, character and flexibility and I think we have a truly demanding wishlist!
    My suspicion is that, if a new Codex is indeed in the works (not totally convinced that one is personally but who really knows?) then it will be very much a second edition of the current codex. I’ve got no more insider knowledge than the next man but this seems to GW’s current tactic. We’re lucky that we shouldn’t lose any units for not having models so I’m guessing we’ll mostly see older kits being phased out and replaced by new plastic versions (maybe a new chaos marines box, perhaps havocs, hopefully new obliterators). Your suggestion of a ‘mini-dex’ a week with accompanying cult troops would be amazing (sadly I’m doubtful but I’d be one happy man if it was true). Much as I might want it the raft of new stuff that we saw with the current codex probably won’t happen with a new codex but later on all the races will receive supplements and new units as the tyranids recently did.

    Chaos ‘chapter tactics’ would be a no-brainer obviously.

    On your point about Chaos Marines and Daemons belonging in the same codex I both agree and disagree. I feel they that they belong in the same army (alongside traitor guard, mutants, dark mechanicus, beastmen and the rest of the weird parade that is Chaos at war). I’d keep them in separate codexs though, thus providing more room for all the units/choices/background/ideas etcetera that I was wishlisting back at the start.

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