19 comments on “House Orlock – Gang Revealed & Name Generators

  1. I’m definitely jumping on this one just as soon as they hit pre-orders! Cool doesn’t quite cover the power fist and harpoon gun, but the drum mag autopistols and that sawn off pistol type thing (reminds me of Mal Reynolds gun from Firefly) is sub-zero temperatures!

    I liked orlocks in the old game, it’s looking like the Death Spectres (sorry, I didn’t use the name generator for that) will be coming back out to play again. I’ve even got a bit of narrative written to bring them from their old metal model incarnation into a new era.

  2. love the new orlocks to the point where they will probably be my first new gang for necromunda, as them along with goliaths were the 2 gangs i never played or collected first time around.

    I truly cant wait to see what they do with the redemptionists, they looked good in metal, but GW really seem to have cracked cloaks and robes now so that would be interesting to see, especially if i was to make a GS cult infiltrated redemptionists….
    And well we know spyrers will probably be some of the most dynamic mini’s GW have ever produced and they set the standard v high recently with the harlies and assassins…

      • Having been a bit disappointed (if I’m brutally honest) with the Escher and Goliath sculpts, I’m glad that Orlocks were back to styles I’m really pleased with. Don’t get me wrong, they’re sculpted really well, I just never clicked with the aesthetic of Goliaths in principle, and the new Escher stuff doesn’t quite look as lithe as before.

      • i dunno i found some of the original escher sculpts to be a bit lame, too elfen almost tank [elf]girl, where as there isnt a new sculpt i dont like in the new escher range, that said i did like the TTcombat black friday “notcromunda” mini’s, but im tempted to make a goliath gang from rumbleslam mini’s rather than carry on with the mad max post apocolyptic bondage look they currently have would rather they be wrestlers lol

    • It would be awesome to see the Redemptionist cult return. All those flamers… and all those flames! Would be really fun to see a new iteration of them for sure. Fingers crossed!

  3. Thank you! I haven’t seen anyone else comment on them being hipsterish, but it’s the only thing I can think of when I look at them. Overall, I really like them from about the eyes down, but some of those hairstyles need to go.

    Amusingly, many of the 40K Players I know in my region are from Portland, Oregon, which is a notorious hipster town.

  4. I don’t really see the Orlocks as Hipsters. We all know Hipsters can’t fight! They look more like Wannabe Bikers. Maybe the clientele for American Chopper.

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